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Access the WebUI - Configuration

The WebUI allows you to configure your ISP. Here is how to access it using a web browser.


Your ISP must be powered ON and connected to your LAN.

Your computer has to be connected to the same LAN.


  1. Enter the local IP address of the ISP into a web browser url search bar.

  2. The initial landing page with StormAudio's logo will appear with 3 options: StormEasy, Expert Setup and Remote Control. Click Expert Setup.


  3. Log into the full version of the WebUI with the installer password, or use the expert password to enter a lighter version of the WebUI:

  4. You are now granted access to the ISP system configuration. Refer to the Owner’s Manual on how to configure your ISP.



Compatible Web browsers :

  • Google Chrome (recommended)

  • Safari

  • Mozilla

  • Microsoft Edge

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