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WebUI passwords reset

How to reset the WebUI Installer and Expert passwords to default.


Your ISP must be powered ON.


ISP Elite MK1/MK2 & 2ISP (4” displays):

  1. Press and hold the EDIT button for 3 seconds. The display will show you a list of information including the IP address at the top.

  1. Press and hold EDIT & EXIT buttons at the same time for 5 more seconds and the display will prompt a message asking for password reset confirmation.

  2. Press ENTER to proceed.

ISP Elite MK3/Evo/Core16 & ISR Fusion(5” displays):

  1. On Main screen, press the HOME/MENU button on the left of the screen to enter the menu:

  2. Scroll down to the “Settings” and press the Volume Knob to enter:

  3. Select “System” and press the Volume Knob again to enter:

  4. It will display a list of information about your ISP and a button to reset the passwords; select it with the Volume Knob and press it:

  5. The ISP will ask you to confirm, select “Yes” with the Volume Knob and press it:

  6. The display will return to the home page and the WebUI passwords will be reset to default (see below).

The default password for the Installer mode is “installer”.
The default password for the Expert mode is “expert”.

You can change both in the Installer mode.

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