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Dirac Live Calibration Tool setup

How to setup your ISP and computer for a Dirac Live Calibration.

If you want to know how to perform a basic Dirac Live calibration, watch our tutorial video:

For an ART calibration, you can follow this tutorial and look at our official guide:


Your ISP must be powered ON, up-to-date and connected to your LAN.

You need to access the Installer WebUI.

You need to install the latest version of the Dirac Live software on your computer.
Download it here=>


  1. Navigate to the Main Speakers landing page and select edit on the Theater you would like to calibrate.

  2. Locate the Dirac button and click it.

  3. A dialogue window will pop up, providing some information about the calibration, scroll down and click Start New Calibration.

  4. Open the Dirac Live Calibration Tool software, you should see the StormAudio ISP showing up with the Hostname defined in the System page network settings (default isp-host).

  5. Then follow the Dirac Live Calibration tool steps.



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