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AoIP option - Redundancy

Redundancy mode

The AoIP module is redundancy compatible. Redundancy allows the configuration of two connections for the AoIP system. This provides a more stable AoIP environment but requires equipements for 2 AoIP connections and only works with compatible elements. Redundancy allows connection between the two Ethernet ports of each device to the same or two distinct networks:

This makes the ISP work with a compatible ST2022-7 network device (Ravenna or AES67).

  • IP addresses configuration on the ISP:
    Open ISP device advanced page, either using ANEMAN or clicking on the IP in the “settings” tab.
    Browse to the General > Network section.
    Make sure the ST2022-7 mode option is active.
    Configure the IP addresses on both Interface 1 and 2.
    Note : The IP addresses range should be in different IP ranges to avoid IP conflicts. Please see this page if you need help and details on IP addresses conflicts.
    Once configuration is complete, press on Apply & Reboot.

  • Configure the IP addresses on the device:
    Connect the two networks to your compatible device and set an IP address for both networks.

  • Set the audio connections in the Advanced pages
    Open the Merging device advanced page, either use ANEMAN or click on the IP in the “settings” tab.
    In the General Settings page, Multi-InterfaceST2022-7 mode should be enabled, and both Interfaces Links should be Up.
    You can now create a source or sink with ST2022-7. The other settings are configurable as well at this point.
    The connection status for both interfaces is displayed on the general page.

Notes :

  • ST2022-7 Remote control:
    First Ethernet Web Server is available on port 80 (i.e.
    Second Ethernet Web Server is available on port 81 (i.e.

Double configuration

To use the two available ports, please tick the “ST2022-7 mode” checkbox in the advanced WebUI of the AoIP option.

It is possible to use the two AoIP module ports in order to set up a command network and an AoIP network.

Note that some devices use a command Ethernet port and an in/out AoIP port. In that case, we recommend connecting two networks:

  • a first dynamic network, connected to the internet,

  • a second static or dynamic network, connecting all AoIP devices together.

Be aware that the AoIP option does not have separated networks ports. The two ethernet connectors are acting like a switch of two ports with different IP addresses but on the same network.

Some incorrect configurations could bridge the command network and the AoIP network of some devices. Disconnect the second port of the AoIP option from the network to resolve such related issues.

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