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AoIP option - IP configuration

AoIP devices IP addresses

If all the devices used for the AoIP setup are supporting DHCP IP addressing, it is possible to connect every device to the same switch or sub-network running a DHCP server.

For AoIP devices using static IP addresses, we recommend to work in static IP for the whole AoIP network to avoid IP addresses conflicts.

Dynamic configuration

  • If every audio device used in the AoIP installation is AES67 compatible:

Use the ANEMAN software as explained in the article: ISP connections with AES67.

  • If your installation is using DANTE devices:

Use Dante Controller to discover AoIP devices as explained in the article: ISP connections with Dante.

  • For any third party devices:

Use their dedicated software/interface. See their User’s Manual.

Either the primary or secondary AoIP Ethernet port can be used to set up the connection, but using the secondary port requires it to be set in redundancy mode as explained in:

Static configuration

A static configuration is set up by the installer who will have total control over the IP addresses layout but it can induce more possibilities of error that would require the installer himself or an expert to fix.

This section describes how to set each device to a static IP. At the end of the following section, it is expected to have all devices on the same network with a common IP prefix as for example.

First of all, we recommend setting up every AoIP audio device individually with a PC and an internet network. It will allow your internet device to receive a dynamic IP address from the network. You can then access it through your computer and update it if needed.

AoIP optional module:

The primary port of the AoIP option is by default set up in DHCP client mode, automatically giving the AoIP module an IP address when connected to a network using a DHCP server. The AoIP module IP is displayed in the ISP’s WebUI, as shown in

Type in “http://*this IP*/advanced” in a web browser or click on the IP in the “Settings” tab for access to the internal AoIP device WebUI:

The AoIP’s WebUI allows you to change the name of your AoIP module and set up the primary connection to a static IP of your choice. Zero-configuration networking (zeroconf) is a set of technologies that automatically creates a usable computer network based on the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) when computers or network peripherals are interconnected. It does not require manual intervention or special configuration servers.

Dante devices

Use Dante Controller to adjust Dante devices settings.
You can download it at:

Double click on the device you want to configure:

The default setting allows you to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. Click on manual to set the static IP of your choice. Make sure the IP is not already reserved on your network. Click on reboot to apply your changes.

AES67 devices

  • These devices should appear in the ANEMAN software. A right click on the device icon should give you access to its WebUI. We recommend reading the device manual to properly set it up: (see last section in: ).

Other devices

  • Most AoIP devices have a WebUI with a settings page. Refer to each device’s Owner Manual to find the static IP setting location.

If a PC needs to control devices with a static IP address, the Ethernet PC connection must be set to static with a specific address.

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