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ISP Signal Generator

Here is a quick guide on how to to use the ISP signal generator from the WebUI.


Your ISP must be powered ON, up-to-date and connected to your LAN.

You need to access the Main Speakers page in the Installer WebUI.


  1. Enter your Theater edition page

  2. Below the main header, you will find the Generator control

    • GENERATOR: click on it to enable/disable the generator function

    • Setup: group/ungroup the speakers that will play as one for the generator. By default nothing is grouped, even multiway speakers.

    • Test signal list: Select between Sine, Pink Noise, Pink Noise 400Hz-4kHz and External.

    • Gain: Sets the level of the generator. Default is 0.1, unless you need the extra power for specific tests, we recommend you leave it at 0.1 and use the master volume to control the output level.

    • Group selection: Select the group that will play the generator test signal. Depending on your “Setup” settings, it will play only a speaker way up to the full theater at the same time. Use +/- to navigate between the groups.

  3. Examples:

    1. This will play a Pink noise signal into the LF channel:

    2. This will play a 1kHz sine wave into the LF + RF speakers:

    3. This will use the External generator to play into the LF and RF speakers. The external generator can be used on all your declared HDMI inputs. You can use an external software like Room Eq Wizard to check your speakers performance, before and after a calibration for example.

The generator Setup is not linked to the Dirac Setup, they need to be set separately.

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