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Get your ISP's IP address

How to get the IP address of your ISP. It allows you to access your ISP remotely and configure it through the WebUI.


Your ISP needs to be powered ON and connected to your LAN.

Make sure your network is running a DHCP server on the first LAN connection of your ISP.


ISP Elite MK1/MK2 & 2ISP (4” displays):

  1. Press and hold the EDIT button on the front panel for 3 seconds.

  2. The display will show a list of information about the ISP state with the IP address at the top.

ISP Elite MK3/Evo/Core 16 & ISR Fusion (5” displays):

  1. On Main screen, press the HOME/MENU button on the left of the screen to enter the menu:

  2. Scroll down to the “Settings” and press the Volume Knob to enter:

  3. Select “Network” and press the Volume Knob again to enter:

  4. It will display a list of information about the ISP including its IP address on the network:

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